Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Sunshine in my Throat - a personal site with everyday random thoughts. And little stories. And nonsens.
Scars and Bruises - A site where I look for the secrets behind my scars and bruises. Very sterile and very physical at the same time.
Clouds - I never had the time to describe what I wanted to do on this site. Basically it is a community project without an community. This community is supposed to watch the clouds at the same time, make a photo and post it. Then I wanted to make a map of the photos (sort of 'mapping the clouds').
Knarkhund - part of a project that also involved a videoclip for GOTO80. I wanted to create a webring for the dogs that starred in the video, subverting the social website Hyves (a website like Facebook ea) through remediating it in the blogger community.
Romance is dead - A try out personal fart. in close connection to Dear deer


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